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I’d like to thank Viet N. of halfmusingshalfnonsense for this interpretation of “Just Hold Me” – I’m both flattered and impressed by it. It’s a refreshing read of a take that splays into a different avenue of thought and I hope you don’t mind that I’m sharing it.

Half Musings Half Nonsense

If a person’s heart were a canvas, I would be afraid to paint with my words, for even the smallest smudge can never be washed away.

At least, that’s how I understood Sandra, whose words conveyed what came to me as reticence. In her sentiment I sensed fear, apprehension, anxiety. My mind wandered off, thinking about the notion of hesitation.

All alone, the man faces the empty road. He seeks the silence that he craved for so long, hoping to be consumed in its tranquility… He sees her face before him, radiant as the stars surrounding him. But like the path, his will is barren. He is afraid to turn back to the life that has placed him in agony, afraid to raise himself from eigengrau. His anguish is too strong. All he wants is to bask in sweet solitude, fearing that not a soul could understand the ire…

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