He’s not her first
She isn’t his last
She’s not his first
Nor is he her last

The more she ponders
The less she cries
The more he knows
The less he asks why

If he chooses
To let her go
He saves her at once
From saying no

Thus how her love
For him will fare
Is up to him
For too much, she cares

What they have now
Is meld from gold
Several moments
They will never lose hold

But what she can do
If when he does stop
Is remind herself
Scrolling back up to top.


10 thoughts on “cue

  1. Your words painted a pretty clear picture of what seems like inevitability and frality in this relationship.

    I really like how the idea of ‘scrolling back up to top’ connected with the first stanza. It’s almost like the reader is ‘her’ in a way.

    Liked by 1 person

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