I held it burning
as long as I could walk that tightrope
even though the course of that never did run smooth.
I cradled that flame so sacrosanct; I didn’t want to let it die!
I’d thought it’d only do so if I stepped off that line, but it seems
I’ve heaved one too many sighs
once and for all
and finally blown it out myself.
Of course, it wouldn’t have been the first time I had tried –
It gets tiring you know, this daunting art I struggle to perfect.
With each attempt, it faded awhile,
only to come back as strong as before.
I don’t know what kept it alight for so long,
but I no longer fear the dense black you leave me in.
What’s funny is, I did that because you tipped me – you didn’t mean to, but you tipped me,
and who knows if it was the sighs or the tears preceding
that really set this early farewell.
Too often had my hand reached out in wait for you to grasp it, stopping my plunge from this endless strip but
you just kept pushing it back, back, back and back till
I thank you,
for training me to walk it in the dark;
because I feel strong enough now to put out the candle for us –
that exacerbated amber but a memory.


4 thoughts on “tipped

  1. Thanks for sharing that quote – I could have very well based this piece on it! I appreciate your encouraging comments and support too, thanks for reading. 🙂


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