She gazes at herself,
trying not to despair,
her small dull eyes,
her non-sleek hair.
A mouth too wide
it usurps her chin,
limbs too long,
a neck slightly thin.
Brows way sparse
and a nose too flat –

She knows, she’s not a beauty.
He says, what’s wrong with that?

It’s true you’re not a beauty,
you’re average at best.
It’s what you are inside
that really stands the test.
I don’t talk to you
just to only see your face.
I talk to you because
I like your heart that’s full of grace.
I know this is clichéd,
but your smile lights up my world.
Anyway, looks are arbitrary,
they’re not why I’d choose a girl.
To see you see yourself
stand before a glass and cry,
it makes me sad and helpless,
I’m not one to tell a lie.

She listens on in silence
choking tear back after tear,
stepping forward for a hug,
wanting just to draw him near.
He makes sure she is fine
before he goes to leave again,

but her thoughts echo more than his,
the former, quite a pain.

So she lifts her eyes and looks
at the figure staring back,
and as though he never spoke,
starts to point out what she lacks.


4 thoughts on “mirror

  1. Nothing more powerful than seeing our own dignity, nothing more reassuring than knowing we were chosen to exist because we deserve to be here. Your words are so beautiful it must come from a beautiful person.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A nice clear message — you are great with words! The young woman looking in the mirror didn’t get the point, but the reader will — and that’s the point of your writing it. I’ve recently started to blog and must put in some of my own rhyming verse. Stop off some time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your kind comment! Yes, it’s a shame to be stuck in that negative cycle of self-delusion and moreover, it’s not uncommon. I’ve stopped by your blog and you write well too – would love to see some of your rhyming verse 🙂


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