Lake Mountain, Victoria, Australia

Lying flat on the snow with my eyes barely open to avoid the sun, I admire what’s up there and focus my thoughts on what would happen if we linked arms today and just ran to the sky. 

Not even those trees would dare reach out to grasp us back, and those clouds up above would be waiting to sail us to a special place in the air where time would not interfere. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go. 


13 thoughts on “let’s

  1. This is a very heartwarming piece.

    There is nothing more exhilarating than wanting to know what’s out there, to see all the things that the world has to offer, and even better, sharing that experience with someone else.

    Thank you for yet another amazing post.

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    • Thanks for your constant support – see as discussed, this is my attempt at writing something more lighthearted (noticeably shorter :P). I enjoy reading what you make of my posts too – thanks once again.

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      • Your attempt has certainly paid off. It’s put a huge smile on my face, and as usual, your words left a vivid impression on my mind.

        Be proud of how short it is. It’s quite hard to create such beautiful imagery with only a few words!

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