What lies ahead is a puzzle, capturing a scene you cannot see.

You paint it as you go along with the help of those who mean enough to you to leave their mark – tranquil or turbulent.

You don’t know when you’ll finish it, or if you ever will.

The essence is in meeting the person who will help you gather those pieces you need to complete your masterpiece, and whom you will help in turn.

When you are done, you will rest in peace, being able to hold in your hands when you go, your framed puzzle, their final gift to you.

Where and when will you cross paths though? Those are the missing pieces yet to be unveiled, and you just press on in that search alone, gathering first the corners and the edges to guard all you love.


4 thoughts on “『jigsaw』

  1. What an heartwarming piece.

    I completely agree that the thrill in solving the puzzle is sharing an experience with someone else. Though to rely on others to help you find those pieces is what really makes us who we are as people — What might not be obvious to us may be to the ones you love. And even though the picture isn’t complete, they will still appreciate it for what it is.

    Thank you for such a lovely scene.

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    • Thank you for your input – I like that you remind us that those who choose us, choose us whole, and thus embrace every bit of us. That’s a beautiful way of encouraging all of us to grow ourselves as best we can, whether we do it alone or with others.

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  2. It’s funny. A friend and I were discussing whatever happens, happens. With him, if he will coach the current Welterweight champ, and the stuff in my life happening as well. Not so much c’est la vie but being grateful for what opportunities where presented to us despite outcome.

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    • Very true. Adopting the “whatever will be, will be” mentality without expectations of the glamour quality is good too. Nothing to do with selling yourself short, but just embracing what you have now and what you had back then that’s brought you this far, as that’s what life is made of. Thanks for sharing that 🙂

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