they start creeping back to me at night
once I’ve dipped myself in silence
ready to hold my breath sinking into
the river I cried just before

they wrap around me and whisper
bittersweet wails that bore into my
vanishing dream of eternal slumber,
fear making peace in my mind

they drag me through my thoughts,
chained on a ghost carpet ride
across that lake of hope not found –
that fading green light charm

they invade my mind stripped bare,
droned lullabies muting patience
as I lie waiting for the dark
to embrace me whole until never

cave in taiwan


13 thoughts on “memories

  1. Although pain rooted in reminiscence is often difficult to describe with words, this piece spoke to me quite powerfully. To feel imprisoned by your memories, to feel trapped in sorrow, you certainly have a way with emotive imagery.

    Kudos to you for making beauty out of something so crushing.

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