sail away

Last night I dreamt that you sailed away from me. Perched on a raft, you looked back at my figure standing in the riverbanks under the moon with a mouth curved so serenely I could never let myself be disenchanted by your final smile, could not allow my pathetic cries unrestrained to fragment any part of it.

I tried to call out to you but the silent waters drowned out your name, giving me only one last chance to hope, so I thrust my arm towards you, hand outstretched and a palm as dry as the cruel breeze that pulled you further and further into the shadows without a struggle, but in the end I was left waving listlessly to the mist shrouding my vision, or was it by then my memory of you?


5 thoughts on “sail away

  1. Your imagery is top-notch as always.

    The last line read quite powerfully to me. I sensed that the narrator felt rather acquiescent to her numbness as she was gently caressed by the cold embrace that her memory left behind. Quite appropriately, that part in particular gave me chills. Well done.

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