When there is an end
we grow closer each moment
and further apart

thus don’t be too nice
as that would later really
break in two my heart

and eventually
I will leave those memories
casting them away

hence why not start now
before it’s too late unless
you know you will stay?


•mindstrippedbare•sketch 1•


14 thoughts on “ending

  1. It’s quite real and immediate to feel a sort of distrust for one knowing that such a connection is only transient. I think this piece is quite wonderfully open-ended in fact. I’m left wondering what motivated this conception — a passion held so loosely that it flew away, or held so tightly that it became smothered? Quite a lot of angles that somehow share this theme.

    Excellent piece, and on top of that, excellent choice of graphic. It really adds to the idea of inevitability!

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    • Interesting perspective you share – I like both options really, and I didn’t consider it “open-ended” in relation to that, but rather a more literal meaning. That just goes to show how closed-minded I am haha – I love your take on it as usual! It’s hard to explain but I guess it’s more fear of the unknown and where too much or too little passion will lead you, and taking the measures to buffer oneself in the worst case scenario. And thanks, that graphic is meant to portray something that should be alive, but trapped in still motion, much like dangerous passion.

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      • It’s okay. if anything, it’s more that I read a little too deeply into it!

        On the first reading, I kind of approached a “I’m certain of you, but I’m not certain of what will become” sort of tone, much like you intended. But on the second and third, I gathered more than just that. Despite what you intended, I think it’s a great quality to be able to capture a lot of perspectives like that. Well done!

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      • Go ahead and read as deeply as you like! As I said, it’s interesting to see your take on things. From your posts you seem to be somewhat more of a glass half full person than I am (I think I’m more towards empty) so it’s a nice change. It’s a great quality to actually be able to interpret via a lot of perspectives like that, so same to you, well done!

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      • No worries, though I wouldn’t call myself a glass half-full sort of person. I think it’s more like a need to fill in the gap; was the glass already full to begin with or not? Sorry if that doesn’t make sense to you.

        That being said, I’ve personally seen every glass as half-empty for quite a long time, but sometimes it’s nice to consider the opposite just to be a little bit controversial!

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      • It’s a nice avenue into the controversial feeling! I like that (: , and yes I do get what you mean. Well, my interpretation of that is that you can be very questioning bordering on doubtful? Or just needing to have the answers, the assurance, the key. Definitely someone who has many thoughts running inside your mind, but do correct me if I’m wrong. It’s an interesting reply to that age old question!

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      • You’re not at all wrong, and kudos to you for managing to draw more than one interpretation. It’s very possible that it can be both depending on the answers you’re looking for — why and how the glass came to be. That’s the beauty of a creative mind like yours, and you’re not nearly as closed-minded as you think!

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      • Haha you’re the first one I’ve met to question why and how the glass came to be! It’s why your pieces have a certain aura about them perhaps – it’s a bit hard to describe so you’re just going to have to take my word :p. Thank you again though!

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    • No worries there, all comments/questions are welcome :). What I write is almost always based on how I’m feeling in the very present. It’s a way of getting things off my chest (not really, but it helps sometimes). I do wish I didn’t have to be so emotionally wrought to be able to write something though, that’s why I like reading the material you guys post as it’s more varied in nature. Thanks for stopping by!

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      • It’s odd, sometimes it’s great to get things out as it can be very cathartic…but I don’t think it’s particularly healing. Maybe a step in the right direction. I like your work, was curious if you were feeling that at the time. Keep it up, and hopefully lean towards the more happy.

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      • Thanks for your concern and support Mark (: , means a lot. You’re right, it’s not particularly healing as it doesn’t solve anything in the practical sense but it is indeed cathartic in a less vulnerable way, as opposed to personal interaction. I occasionally do try to write something uplifting and will definitely aim for more of that in the future! Thanks again, I appreciate it. In the meanwhile, I love your stuff so I look forward to the next one.


      • Thanks, hope mine didn’t come off as criticism!
        Upbeat is tough when you’re not feeling it, but turns you around and shifts the conciousness. All the best with your…keep up the good work 🙂

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      • Thanks Mark! No worries I really appreciate the feedback and I’ll give it a go and occasionally do more of the uplifting as you said (: . Thank you once again and same to you, cheers!


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