We are like children in the playground.
Up and down we go on the see-saw.

Haw Par Villa, Singapore

Haw Par Villa, Singapore

It’s a bit shaky and I don’t always get to bounce as high. It’s already a difficult
task to stay balanced with you on the other end.

It shouldn’t be this hard, should it?
Maybe I just have a sensitive tailbone.

Maybe I just want to get off and leave, but I don’t want you to hit the ground hard.

I’m pretty sure you’re going to be whisked away by another friend though – that one with the silky hair, who wants you to push her on the swings, making her laughter fly high into the sunset.

Until then, I’ll just brace myself for the fall, although I know my tailbone won’t be the only thing hurting when that happens.


4 thoughts on “balance

  1. To see the other side so proud to push you up so firmly one moment but gone the next, feeling as though you saw the fall since the beginning. With moments like that, trust sure has its ups and downs sometimes. Clever use of metaphors there!

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    • I didn’t think about it from that angle (of trust) once again, so thanks for the different perspective! Yes definitely, trust can go up and down like a see-saw ; it’s fragile and it hurts and when it goes well, you can just bounce right into it and stay there surrounded by that trust. Thanks for your comment!

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    • Thanks Yidian! I wrote this exactly because I can’t not worry about that haha. I’d be too afraid to jump off any moving see-saw…
      Anyway, that picture is somewhat unsettling (like most of the statues in HPV), but I think the outer shell layer enclosing the human represents how we may act tough on the inside but are so fragile and vulnerable and as soft as the next person on the inside, really. Thanks for your comment!

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