I write your name and hold it tight but it’s not solid in my weak grasp so it slips away gradually by the vowels first leaving an unrecognisable pile of consonants that are harsh to pronounce and it just is how it is after a while of trying to cling on as it all gets reduced to something unfamiliar which is not how I want it to be but sadly it is.


6 thoughts on “slip

    • Aww I wish I didn’t invoke anything so painful within your chest! Thank you so much for your support and comments though 🙂 . Sadly to say, I usually write quite negatively haha…


    • Thank you (: , I like the way you put it there – pain of loss followed by loss of pain – that’s what we all aim for in the end isn’t it? But end of the chapter indeed when you’ve run out of words. Thanks for stopping by!

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