Do you remember when the cold last paid us a visit?
You were shivering so badly that day but you didn’t say anything because I was trembling more.
Instead, you tutted in disappointment and told me I had my scarf worn the wrong way, to which I laughed and asked how that was possible.
You rolled your eyes in disbelief and proceeded to unravel that chic mess of a knot I had made so carefully that morning.
(That vexed me, I’ll have you know.)

Do you remember what you did next?
You started wrapping it round and round my neck until I warned you I’d have to stop breathing soon.
You told me this was how to wear a scarf, and confessed that you didn’t know for sure – it’s just that you had always wanted to try what the guys do for their shivering pretties in the movies.
That line really took my breath away, (embarrassingly enough.)

Do you remember all of that?
I still do. I also remember that was the last day you paid me a visit, that I wouldn’t hear from you willingly again, and that I didn’t know I would have forgotten your face by now. Things have changed, time moves us on and has had us crossing paths with many others in this place, but, just so you know, I still shiver in the cold and wear my scarf the wrong way.


6 thoughts on “shiver

      • It’s mainly how much overlap the two pieces’ themes share, mainly the idea of prying into one’s life in conceit disguised as selflessness. It’s a bit difficult to explain really, but you could say that they share that familiar poignancy. Of course, this one has a different flavour to it. That being said, 050515 happens to be one of my favourite pieces, and I think you’ve captured quite a lot of what makes it so good… I suppose it’s so powerful that it’s left me in dumbstruck awe!

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      • Wow that’s so interesting to know! It’s probably the piece that got me thinking about putting it all together in a blog so it’s a special one to me. You’ve summed it up perfectly. I had to think about it backwards but I got what you said and I love it (conceit disguised as selflessness). There’s this sense of calmness from both of them, isn’t there? The funny thing is that I was very much distraught while writing 050515, whereas I was placid for this one haha…

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