What’s toxic is trying to feel

at ease with now but then slipping 

forward into the future which

you don’t know much about except 

the fact that you have no control 

over the result for yourself,

even less to none for others,

and over not having control 

in the general scheme of things

planned by fate and made easier 

by hope and love to try and bear,

but how do you take the first step

and trust in those while enjoying 

the present state that’s happening 

right now since you know it might not

last forever or till today?


7 thoughts on “projection 

  1. Surreal and intriguing — I love it! The future is indeed a beautifully scary thing, and to know that your life constantly hurtles itself toward that uncertainty does leave you with a huge sense of doubt, doesn’t it? No time to appreciate the now, since that’s all in the past, no time to appreciate the future because you don’t know what’s ahead. As usual, another powerful piece, and it’s been quite a while!

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    • Haha thanks Viet! Yeah it’s been quite busy with work lately and I feel a bit distanced from the blog but I thought I might stop by today. Not abandoning it though 🙂 . Thank you for your comment once again! It doesn’t seem as powerful as it is whiny (to me anyway) but yes, you’re right – no time to appreciate anything it seems! You just have time to appreciate the fact that you have nothing to appreciate (although this outlook should be discouraged)

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  2. We need to live out our present in full consciousness otherwise our mindset will tempt us to think it is only temporary , it is not real, it is not the goal and so we end up living it halfheartedly and we are never fulfilled. Live full now because that’s where you are, all of you. 🙂

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    • That’s a wonderful perspective Alice <3, I think I've fallen into the trap of thinking nothing's close to permanent and so I hold back from "full-hearted" living, being impatient, stressed and anxious. I love your pearls of wisdom, please don't stop imparting them to me (and all the other readers!) 🙂


  3. Beautiful, insightful piece. All we have is now, and now is real. To add to what Alice said if we live only halfheartedly we end up with regrets. But being fully present, knowing we’ve given it our best we can live with the knowledge that we fully embraced life with a passion. As my brother is always saying “life is not a dress rehearsal” and while there are no do-overs and I do believe in second chances.

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