The stars are silent
Mourning the death of a kin
The sky dims a shade


11 thoughts on “dim

    • Thanks for your comment Viet (: , thanks once more for appreciating. Grief is a deep emotion and it’s hard to ever feel you can see the bright side of things ever again. It feels like you pull everything including the sky itself down with you, closing off all opportunities. However, I started writing this from the perspective of the stars in the sky and only saw the duality of it once I added the picture!

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      • It’s a duality that you’ve portrayed so effectively and directly if I may say so myself. Grief feels very much all-consuming, doesn’t it? And though as painful as it is deep, it does give you a grim reminder just how much you miss someone when they’re truly gone, don’t you think? Of course, your outlook on grief is just as poignant and powerful especially with the picture in play. Well done!

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      • I agree in that it’s more effective with the picture in play. It semi-reminds me of an Asian funeral wake tent and how it looks like it’s the only thing alive in the scene because the grief from missing someone who is truly gone is so all-consuming. Thank you for your feedback Viet 🙂

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    • That’s a wonderful continuation to what I already wrote, Alice!

      Yet the stars and the
      sky, they continue to light
      and to blanket us.

      Hehe 🙂 . Thanks for your comment once again, I appreciate that you stop by!

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