That thirst for life shaved away from the silhouette of an empty face

that hollow gaze running straight along concentric spheres  

harsh is the sound echoing cries from that distant place

but silent is that passionate trickle of those tears.


5 thoughts on “faded 

  1. A poignant but beautiful piece, Sandra. You’ve portrayed it really well — a mind stripped bare with nothing left but hollow dejection. Despite how emotionally distressing this piece reads to me, it has also moved me quite deeply in a way.

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      • Thank you 🙂 , thank you for always being able to sense what I try to portray when I write. I was definitely feeling quite dejected about working in a job that’s got nothing to do with what I’m passionate about because it’s been eating at me by the day. Thanks for your encouraging message, I really appreciate it with all my heart. (:

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      • And thank you for letting me sense these feelings of yours that you portray so exquisitely. I’m glad you’ve discovered that passion sooner rather than later, and I guess I’m relieved to hear that things are fine now. It would be quite bad to let that sort of dejection manifest into something much worse.


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