~a dedication~

Master of what you word on script, you shape each one as they flow out from your nib to convey a sentiment not yours, but of a vessel in which you have filled with all your being and passion.

You slave frustrated for the final touch, and put down your pen as you sigh in awe and resignation at that brilliance not perceived by yourself in your work that is all too evident to your audience.

Yet, inspired by Inspiration, you pick up your tool again, renewed, and continue your journey to endearing expression.

Be proud, my friend, for you are a writer – master the words you script.


“Words” by Viet N.

Happy Birthday to a special friend, and certainly one of the most talented people I am honoured to know and have the support of. Sincerely a fan of your works whether they be on paper, in the studio, the kitchen, in foreign language discussion or sometimes just simply, your musings. Have a blessed year ahead, Viet N. Thank you for all your precious encouragement thus far in blogging. 

Check out his blog Half Musings Half Nonsense – it’s a treasure trove.


3 thoughts on “writer 

  1. Thank you!

    I was very much moved to tears after seeing this post, and I had just been able to regain my composure to come up with an appropriate response! Thank you so much for being my fan since basically day one, and I’m so touched to have such a lovely post dedicated to me. This is quite possibly one of my favourite gifts I’ve ever received! ❤

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    • Aww…I’m glad you like this gift :’) . I basically wanted you to recognise the quality in you and your output. I love all your pieces and you should definitely feel like a boss. Big hug from me ❤

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