You came and found me 
but had to let me go 
Thus no matter how far you stray into the distant corners of the heavens
My light for you I shall never fade, for
a new lantern I shall light each step you take further from me that we may
always feel as though you never left your place –

               – nothing but fields of amber between us in our dreams where I leave behind the world to chase you back.



3 thoughts on “soulmates

    • Thanks Viet! I was inspired after watching かぐや姫の物語…one of those quickly-penned pieces written while shedding tears (a bit embarrassing because no one in my family was touched at all). Forbidden romance, let alone feelings, is always such bittersweet sadness.

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      • It indeed is a bittersweet sensation, the cruelty of forbidden love… I never took you for a fan of Studio Ghibli’s work (though right now I’m rather more surprised that your family didn’t feel the same way)!

        Don’t feel too embarrassed though. I think it’s really sweet that such a lovely piece was borne from your sensitivity. 🙂


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