Time dances away so quickly it’s hard to believe it’s my one year anniversary on WordPress already! (I know, still a baby compared to most of you)

I just wanted to say thanks to all my readers – you guys are awesome supporters and I love reading all your comments. Thanks for sticking by even though I post at the rate of a sloth on a regular basis.

I’ve also enjoyed reading and seeing what everyone else has to offer in this community and I’m glad to say I’ve made some good friends here. It’s amazing where a few hours of surfing here can get you – everyone is such an inspiration.

Anyway, no regrets at feeling too emo this day one year ago and deciding to just finally start a blog as a creative outlet – clichéd but true story. (I wish I had been prepared for this post with a more reflective spiel but I’m not so I’m a tad disappointed!)

As for my journey here, I hope to see where it takes me, maybe branching out into something else such as writing about various things and topics or showcasing more illustrations and artwork, but I’m not a planner so I’ll just see how I feel and I’ll do it when it’s time to do it. 

Stay happy, lovely and vibrant! 

Sandy ❤️


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